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Romanian area
Although Retezatul is the most special place (due to the energy pyramid), and central pillar Sarmizegetusa Regia (Thanks to the connections made with the Clipped pyramid and energy complex matrix), the entire route is in fact much energy sought Kogaionon!
Very many people of culture, dacologi, ezoterişti etc., they sought this place sacred ancestors of geto-Dacians, and not once have drawn heated polemics. Here's that, in some way, We were right. Kogaiononul is the entire Carpathian chain! No point does not have precedence over the other. All are equally important, so for the good of the planetary energy Dynamics, as well as for future social transformations.
Each point on this route is sacred power!
Rarău Area It is the fourth main point and the first in the area of our country. Is also place where it makes an "infusion" vibrational, so that Rarăul can be considered as the place where one can attain the highest State of consciousness. The Rarăului area is another vortex (multidimensional tunneling) to make tea, dryer. This vortex is connected to the solar star has, the subtle work of this place being coordinated by solar energy entities.
Structure Of The Rarău – Giumalău consists of crystalline rocks. Şisturile are composed of crystalline schist cloritice, sericitice, quartzite, mandra porphyroids, crystalline limestone eye and albişoara streets. Crystal structures are ideal for supporting bracket of some local teleporting vortexes.
Through the center of the Rarău can access more easily heavenly energies, in particular, solar energies, Lunar and planetary (of the planets in our solar system). They have an important role both in terms of dynamics and dynamics of conştientului supraconştientului and the subconscious.
Points of reference: Rarau-Pietrele Doamnei (Photo)-Giumalău.
Beneficial actions:
1. Purification -It is an area that helps to purify all the plans. It will feel even from the first moments as physical bodies, Ethereal, emotional, and mentally, presents a strong stress on the background. It is a place for the release of energies execelent emotional negative, as well as changing weather patterns mentally rigid. Those who ask for help in this regard, You can get the energy beings who visit this place (in a much higher number than in other centres).
2. Of energy -as a result of fluctuating Vortex solar, It is one of the areas with the most powerful vibration of the Earth (not only from Romania). Here you can load the "batteries" both with solar energy, Elemental and monthly, and the celestial energies, other dimensional spaces (due to the fluctuating Vortex). Also, the sub-item "Heavenly fire" is very abundant in this area. Through this subelement can access the energies of the zodiacal constellations, other stars (Sirius, Vega, Pleiades…).
3. Communication -Thanks to the presence of very high vibration, are comuncările with telepathic entities feature high vibrating. Those who are in the area can request spiritual guides for their own spiritual evolution. Solar energy entities will detect very quickly on those who are sincere in their approach, and will comply with the request. Solar energy entities are best guides possible; they are the most evolved beings in our solar system. By the way, I was taught that there are a number (not many) Solar embodied beings in our country. Many more are those who have chosen the path Solarienilor. About The Solarienilor I will speak in another work, It is approximately 18-20 millions of entities (now spread the whole earth), who have chosen a spiritual path revealed solar beings, shortly before the destruction of Atlantis.
4. Connection -especially with the energies of our solar system's Planetary. Entry into the so-called "Photon Belt" a tool used not only determines the human energy body and energy structures of planets (can be considered as the living entity). That means that our solar system becomes more compact, and the contacts between the entities on this planet will become more facile. It's telepathic contacts, and even energy, between humans and beings-critical fluids on the gaseous outer planets of the solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).
The Ceahlău Massif the main point is the fifth and the second in the area of Romania. It is said that after Mount Athos, the Ceahlău mountain area had the highest concentration of hand machinesNews. It is considered the second Mountain Saint of Orthodox Christianity.
Some authors regard him as the holy mountain of Dacians.
Here is where the (Earth, water, air, fire) reach the perfect harmony. It is a significant benefit for human entities, having the gift of bringing peace and balance in all subtle bodies. Visiting this mountain range has an almost narcotic "effect on psycho-emotional body, giving a strong sense of "home". The unique charm of the Ceahlău mountain has moved the souls of many Romanian writer of worth, as well as The. Vlahuţă, Calistrat Hogaş, Mihail Sadoveanu.
Points of reference: Toaca Peak-Borsec.
Positive action:
1. Balancing (on all elements)
2. Purification (energy area, emotional, mental, spiritual).
Ceahlău massif area is extraordinarily suitable for the establishment of health centres, to use the benefits of. Whether it's healings, whether it is reechilibrări or energizări, the area is a particularly beneficial.


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